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Note: The town of Cambridge includes two villages: Jeffersonville and Cambridge Village. In each village, the provision of municipal services is distributed between the village and the town. This website deals only with the services provided by the Town of Cambridge.

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Cambridge draft Subdivision Regulations and Flood Hazard Regulations Hearing December 8.  Click the links below to review the draft documents.

Draft Cambridge Subdivision Amendments
Draft Cambridge Flood Hazard Regulations
Summary of Changes – Subdivision Regulations

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  • Winter Parking Ban

    Vehicles shall not be left on village streets or in the town right of way. Vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense. This ban goes into effect November 15, 2014 and continues through April 15, 2015. Fences and/or barriers within 25 feet of road center during snow removal operations will be the responsibility of the landowner. Trees and/or brush within 25 feet of road center interfering with snow removal operations will be cut and disposed of. Residential and commercial snow removal from driveways and side roads will not be allowed to move snow into or across town right of ways. No one will have access to the town salt/sand pile for commercial sanding/salting for hire.